Imagine a way to learn languages based on real conversations.

Where the conversation changed based on the sentences you learn, with thousands of permutations.

Where you get to listen to native speakers speak over 900 sentences, at your choice of a natural or a slower learning pace.

With gorgeous animated graphics straight out of Japanese anime cartoons.

And an advanced learning algorithm that tracks your progress syncing over the cloud as you go.

StudyChat animated study apps. The most realistic language learning tool in any student’s arsenal.

Do you want to practice with REAL languages, but are frustrated by the textbook-slow methods, without audio, and the complete lack of real Japanese speaking exercises?

Do you wish to learn at your own pace, while having your learning progress REMEMBERED, so difficult words have more samples allocated to them, and easy words aren’t repeated?

Do you wish you had a simple study app on your iPhone, that also remembered your progress in the “cloud” so that you could quickly go onto another device and immediately pick up where you left off?

Do you wish you could just DIVE RIGHT IN to learning SIMPLE, EVERYDAY flirting expressions, just like a DATING SIM, starting at the basics?

Do you wish to hear what REAL conversations when flirting between couples in foreign languages sound like, AND not have the same sample repeated over and over and over>

Whether it’s to learn Japanese, learn Chinese, learn Cantonese, or learn English, the StudyChat series covers it all. These language practice lessons can be applied to any existing study method you are utilising. Whether it’s textbooks or watching news in Japanese, news in Chinese, news in Hong Kong, or any other news in English. **


  • Listening & speaking recall exercises together:
    • Listening exercises train your tonation & comprehension. This is THE most important skill to enjoying learning languages. We literally rewire your brain so that you enjoy and pickup specific keywords to understand how asian girls or asian guys (Japanese girls or Japanese guys, Chinese girls or Chinese guys), or western girls or western guys feel about you as they’re talking. **
    • Speaking recall exercises to train your memory recall and creativity.
  • REAL conversation flows. These aren’t “random flash cards”. Why waste time with “random flash cards” that don’t help in real life? Instead you get the benefit of practicing expressions that RELATE to the conversation. Making your brain super-fast at knowing the most common replies – so you can keep the conversation FLOWING!
  • No boring words or irrelevant learning of animals, shapes, and job descriptions. Learn REAL catch phrases that can be used in multiple scenarios to keep the conversation FLOWING.
  • Over 800 sentences learnt overall. All with crystal-clear NATIVE SPEAKER voices. No choppy audio – your brain learns the full CORRECT sentence flow. Study Japanese, study Chinese, study Cantonese, or study English with all native-speaker voices. This is far more than textbooks in Japanese or textbooks in Chinese can offer. These are full English conversations, Chinese conversations, Cantonese conversations, and Japanese conversations. **
  • Native and localised readings. You get hanzi / kanji characters, along with readings (jyutping, pinyin, hiragana, katakana), and keyword explanations of important words. **
  • Using a special spaced-repetition algorithm, individual word progress is monitored, even though all exercises are with WHOLE sentences. This means that as you progress into new conversations, you’ll get new sentences which contain the words that are the most challenging to you, to further your knowledge FASTER than any other method available.
  • Each conversation repeats difficult new words in different sentences throughout the conversation, until those words are practiced enough, and then new words are introduced in similar sentence structures. This means while each conversation sounds perfectly natural and recorded as whole sentences, you hear new words exactly as many times as you need, before moving onto newer words in their place.
  • Each conversation introduces new situations to deal with, and ways to handle it using only basic vocabulary.
  • Conversations have been constructed so that beginners can learn fluent-sounding popular sentences immediately. And yet the spaced-repetition learning algorithm ensures that intermediate and advanced students can take advantage of conversation practice in situations not taught in other study materials.
  • For each of the 11 conversations, there are literally THOUSANDS of variations. Unlike other flashcard software where you can predict the sentences by audio markers surrounding it or one key word within it – our software gives you so many variations YOUR BRAIN IS FORCED to listen and comprehend.

This app has been designed to teach you languages THE ABSOLUTE FASTEST WAY possible. So 11 simple conversations cover over 800 words!

Each conversation has hundreds of different variations, so you learn new words when you’re ready. Each conversation also has several levels of grammar detail. So as you successfully remember simple expressions, then more advanced expressions will start being introduced. Each conversation can thus be repeated hundreds of times with added detail and variation as you progress.

All of this in stunning Retina graphics, portrait & landscape mode on both iPhone and iPad.

For more information, head over to the Study Chat home page:


  • Primitive elements for 4,800 characters (e.g. 親 (parent) is made of 見, 立, 木).
  • 6 language sets: JLPT, JOYO, HSK, TOCFL, Taiwan School System, Hong Kong School System character sets.
  • 7 games: flashcards, multiple choice, scrabble, tiles, matchup, blockfall keywords, blockfall primitives.
  • Unified keywords across all character sets based as closely to the original meaning as possible (and you can download customised lists too!)
  • Spaced-Repetition System that remembers what you are learning, shared across all games.
  • Similar character, character usage, Japanese/Chinese dictionary of common words all included per card.

Scribe: Origins is designed to help students rapidly learn the thousands of characters required for reading and writing Asian languages. Specifically, students of Japanese or Chinese language. To make learning as fast as possible, we’ve developed several different games to help practice the characters you are currently learning. Using a unified, inbuilt spaced-repetition system, whichever game you are playing will use the same characters you are currently studying, and remember your progress in them as a single study deck.

Scribe: Origins is an attempt to map nearly 5000 commonly used characters across Japanese Kanji, Simplified and Traditional Hanzi. Each character has a single, 1-to-1 mapping between each character and a unified meaning. Each character also has a breakdown of the primitives (the component characters) that make up a larger character. These are used to aid learning, to help you understand that the meaning of a larger character is derived from using a few smaller characters.

Many teachers also advise students to write a story of the primitives, and how that makes up the larger character. For example, the character 親 (parent) is made up of smaller characters: 見 (see), 立 (standing up), 木 (tree). So one might make up a story, “a PARENT stands up on a tree, to see where their children are”. Using this story, when you need to remember how to write “parent”, you would remember this story, and from there remember the 3 primitive characters: 見, 立, 木, and the character would come together.

Unlike other data sources, this project has used as many actual primitives as possible, rather than using artificial components.

For more information, head on over to the Scribe Origins page: