• Primitive elements for 4,800 characters (e.g. 親 (parent) is made of 見, 立, 木).
  • 6 language sets: JLPT, JOYO, HSK, TOCFL, Taiwan School System, Hong Kong School System character sets.
  • 7 games: flashcards, multiple choice, scrabble, tiles, matchup, blockfall keywords, blockfall primitives.
  • Unified keywords across all character sets based as closely to the original meaning as possible (and you can download customised lists too!)
  • Spaced-Repetition System that remembers what you are learning, shared across all games.
  • Similar character, character usage, Japanese/Chinese dictionary of common words all included per card.

Scribe: Origins is designed to help students rapidly learn the thousands of characters required for reading and writing Asian languages. Specifically, students of Japanese or Chinese language. To make learning as fast as possible, we’ve developed several different games to help practice the characters you are currently learning. Using a unified, inbuilt spaced-repetition system, whichever game you are playing will use the same characters you are currently studying, and remember your progress in them as a single study deck.

Scribe: Origins is an attempt to map nearly 5000 commonly used characters across Japanese Kanji, Simplified and Traditional Hanzi. Each character has a single, 1-to-1 mapping between each character and a unified meaning. Each character also has a breakdown of the primitives (the component characters) that make up a larger character. These are used to aid learning, to help you understand that the meaning of a larger character is derived from using a few smaller characters.

Many teachers also advise students to write a story of the primitives, and how that makes up the larger character. For example, the character 親 (parent) is made up of smaller characters: 見 (see), 立 (standing up), 木 (tree). So one might make up a story, “a PARENT *stands up* on a *tree*, to *see* where their children are”. Using this story, when you need to remember how to write “parent”, you would remember this story, and from there remember the 3 primitive characters: 見, 立, 木, and the character would come together.

Unlike other data sources, this project has used as many actual primitives as possible, rather than using artificial components.

For more information, head on over to the Scribe Origins page: